Jenn Stow is an Ottawa- based yogini and teacher offering creative yoga classes, workshops and teacher trainings throughout Ontario. Jenn is a dynamic teacher whose classes are inspired by 10 years of eclectic experience and diverse training. Her classes range from calm and contemplative to energetic and challenging. Jenn has a playful style, using “krama” (multi-level sequencing) and a sense of homour to encourage her students to grow in a fun, non-competitive way.

Jenn offers private and small group sessions to beginners and advanced practitioners alike. She has a University degree in Education and has spent years developing her teaching skills on and off the mat. She offers a range of public classes and leads training programs and workshops for students who are interested in becoming teachers and for those who simply wish to deepening their practice.

Jenn Stow’s yoga classes will strengthen you, lengthen you and make you smile.

Check out her schedule page to see when she is teaching a class near you or to find out more information about workshops or trainings for adults and children.

Jenn started doing yoga after the birth of her second child. She started to practice as a way to lose baby weight and to get “in shape”. She soon began to see more than just the physical benefits and was hooked on the balancing effects on the mind.

Jenn took her first 200 hour training soon after starting her practice. As most addictions go, she couldn’t get enough, and Jenn jumped in with two feet. It wasn’t long before she felt the call to use her teaching background and her newfound passion to help others.

Her foundational flow style training was a launching pad to a full-time yoga teaching career, and to her deeper studies with yoga teachers such as Maria Garre, Shiva Rea and Andre Lappa, to name a few. Due in part to Jenn’s extensive and varied training, her classes are never the same twice. Every class offers the student a unique opportunity to evolve. See class descriptions for a further explanation of what to expect from your experience.

Anti-Gravity (Level 1): Anti-gravity yoga is a yoga practice done in a silk hammock hanging from climbing rigging in the ceiling. This suspension technique combines yoga, suspension strength training and aerial arts. In this class you will swing, flip and do tricks that will make you feel like a kid again.

Anti Gravity (Level 2): For experienced students who want to take this aerial practice to new heights. In this fluidly sequenced class we will move through traditional yoga postures to build strength and flexibility. We will also learn tricks and flips that are exclusive to this more advanced experience. If you have a sense of adventure… try this class!

Anti Gravity (Restorative): This lunar class focuses on calming the mind as the body is opened in deep stretches assisted with the silk “anti gravity” hammock. With a predominant focus on the hip and lower back, this class offers participants a true “letting go” experience as they breath, stretch and move to restore tired muscles and an over-worked mind.

Family Yoga (7-13): This yoga class is for children and the people who love them:) Come with your children to this fun, dynamic yoga class that combines authentic yoga, music and more! We will learn how to stretch and strengthen our bodies through a series of progressively challenging yoga postures. Children and parents will also learn how to use breathing and meditation to energize or calm the body and mind. Don’t miss out on this fun yoga adventure. Unfortunately, this class is for Athletic Club members only.

Flow Live Music: A Flow class done to LIVE music! This class is not ideal for beginners as there is less verbal instruction. Good to have done a few Flow classes first so you are familiar with some of the poses. This is a weekly favourite with students – definitely pre-register at to save your spot! Singer Tara Porter and guitarist Devin Johnson will be your musical duo.

Foundation Yoga: This class is for students who are new to the practice or who are looking to get “back to the basics”. In this simply sequenced class, postures are literally taught from the ground up, offering new and returning students a deep understanding of the postural alignment, breathing and vinyasas to transition between yoga poses.

Gentle Beginner: Designed for yoga participants who prefer a slower-paced, less strenuous class—perfect for people who are suffering from minor injuries and need extra attention to proper alignment. Modifications and opportunities to “amplify” the practice will be offered throughout the class to suit individual needs.

HardCORE Power: If you are one of those people that love the burn, then this is the class for you. Expect to see a lot of the traditional yoga poses you know and love but with an emphasis on postures that target your core and more intense abdominal work. It is a powerful class designed to sculpt your muscles, provide cardiovascular exercise and leave you feeling all stretched out. Mm mm good.

Hot Foundation: This class is great for newcomers to hot yoga. This class will help you build a solid yoga practice, like architecture… from the ground up! Through clear concise instruction, demonstration and hand-on assistance, you will learn yoga postures to build strength, flexibility and balance. More importantly, in this non-threatening environment you will learn to experience yoga as an empowering practice for the body mind and spirit.

Hot Yoga: A mixed-level hot class designed to challenge new and experienced practitioners alike. Detoxify through your sweat and breathe as you move through a fairly simple, yet challenging sequence of yoga postures.

Hot Power Flow: In this powerful and fluid class you will explore challenging yoga postures in a fun and liberating way. Postures, also called asana, are creatively sequenced to help students push their “edge” and evolve. Some yoga experience is suggested, though fit beginners are welcome… if accompanied by a sense of humour.

Prana Flow: This challenging flow class, inspired by Shiva Rea, is designed to challenge your body and liberate your mind. Prana Flow literally translates to energetic vinyasa and is progressively sequenced to lead you towards a “peak pose”. Move through your postures guided by the rhythm of your breath and a combination of music including world beats and slow grooves.

Physique: TAC Physique is a ballet inspired muscle conditioning class. It is a full body workout the will help you build long lean muscle a a sculpted physique. Prepare to feel the burn in this class. Sorry guys, ladies only!

Town Mix: This signature yogatown class builds intensity gradually, with longer holds designed to build strength, flexibility and a steady mind. It is an all-levels class consisting of a challenging standing series, followed by a grounding floor series. Great for those that want an alternative to a faster based-vinyasa based practice. Leave feeling calm yet alert and totally rinsed from the inside out.

Yin Yoga: Yin yoga is a blissful, passive stretch class. This intelligently-sequenced class is designed to open the physical body and calm the fluctuations of the mind. Yin is beneficial to all bodies, especially for those looking to loosen tight muscles or to let go of mental stress and anxiety.

Yoga: This all-levels class is well-balanced, combining postures to build strength and endurance, as well as flexibility and mental focus. A progressive sequence will offer a challenge to all participants, regardless of experience. Through multi-level (krama) vinyasa students will be offered a wide variety of choices so they can embody yoga in a way that serves them and their individual needs.

Jenn Stow has been an educator since youth. She began working in outdoor education and aquatics before completing a Bachelor of Education. Her experience as a classroom teacher in Mexico and Ottawa has contributed to her ability to create unique and dynamic yoga classes for kids as well as adults. Yoga and teaching children are a perfect marriage of Jenn’s passions. She offers children unique and authentic yoga experiences that combine music and stories in a safe and fun atmosphere. Your kids will be hooked by an activity that builds flexibily, strength and balance.

Child Pose

See Jenn’s schedule for children’s yoga class times and contact her if you are interested in scheduling a yoga class for your family , a birthday party, or your sports team never the same twice. Every class offers the student a unique opportunity to evolve. See class descriptions for a further explanation of what to expect from your experience.


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